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7 Fashion Phrases to Ban From Your Vocabulary Before the New Year

You likely took the SATs, are well-read and know full definitions for plenty of “big” words. Yet you find yourself the same old sayings — chic, statement-making, stylish, and etc. — when describing an item or outfit. Admittedly, the fashion world has addicting little go-to, and while editors are responsible as well, we’re on a mission to leave ’em all in 2016. Read on for the full list of phrases and phrases to (at least try to) ban, then brush up on style terms to know before the New Year.


Statement Anything
It may be the standout item in an outfit, but we’re growing tired of sentences that mention “statement earrings” or “statement skirts.” Let’s simply call them what they are — pavé diamond earrings, ruffled asymmetrical skirts, etc. — instead of being vague.



Are we not all cool girls (in our own way)?



All-Black Everything
It’s fun to say, but the last word is kind of . . . pointless. If you tell us someone’s wearing all black, we won’t question that you do, indeed, mean everything.



You know what’s so much nicer to hear or read than breezy? “Billowing.” The fact that “her dress trailed behind her, catching the wind as she walked.” Save this little word for when you’re describing the weather.



Is wearing a crop top that daring? What about a plunging neckline? These things seem normal nowadays, so please — reserve this word for when you see a gown being worn over plaid pajamas.



Wardrobe Essential
Essential is defined as something that is “absolutely necessary.” Will you survive without a black t-shirt? We’re going to guess, umm, yes.



Despite having so many descriptors in our vocabulary, this word is used a lot. Does it even have a real meaning anymore, or this just what we label every outfit we love?



Image Source – Popsugar

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