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11 Style Tips to Remember the Next Time You’re Packing For a Cold-Weather Vacation

When it comes to packing for Summer travel, we have that down to a science. A pair of denim shorts here, a skimpy tank there, however when it comes time to pack for a Winter getaway, cue a headache. Because if you’ve ever found yourself trying to cram an extra sweater in between all your boots and jackets, we’ve been there. These heavier items don’t always pack perfectly.

Through our struggles, we figured there has to be a less painful way to pack for cooler weather, and of course, we found the recommendation through our favorite bloggers. These jet-setters travel year round and always look good in any weather situation. Read on for some style tips we picked up from these ladies, and then shop some key pieces mentioned. The next time you travel somewhere cold, you won’t need to step foot in any store to pick up extra clothing. Everything will be right in your suitcase.


1. Pick a Cozy Jogger or Sweats You Won’t Feel Embarrassed Leaving the Hotel In

You’re on vacation! Bring your favorite joggers, leggings, or sweats.



2. Limit Yourself on Packing “Cute but Not Functional” Shoes

“Those would be so cute for photos,” you say. In reality, though, you can’t walk a mile in them.



3. Instead, Bring Your Comfiest Pairs of Shoes For Sightseeing

If you plan on doing a lot of walking, you’ll want to pack a few pairs of your worn-in shoes whether that means flats, sneakers, or ankle boots.



4. Bring a Selection of Basic T-Shirts and Tanks For Layering

This is about as standard a travel uniform as they come.



5. Pack Your Coziest Oversize Sweater

If you plan on wearing a dress or skirt with tights, be prepared to bring an oversize sweater for layering. It can easily go with jeans too.



6. Pack Both Black Jeans and Blue Jeans

Check your suitcase. Do you have at least two pairs of jeans you can rotate? If so, you’re set!



7. Bring a Cute Backpack That Fits All Your Valuables

In addition to your purse, bring a cute backpack you can wear with any outfit. Ideally, it can hold an extra sweater, a portable charger, or a water bottle.



8. Only Bring Sweaters in Neutral and Easy-to-Match Colors

Sure, you can pop into a Zara and pick up some items once you land, but everything is right in your closet. Choose your favorite cream, beige, gray, or black sweaters and toss a few into the suitcase for easy outfits.



9. Pack Some Cold-Weather-Appropriate Accessories

Scarves, knit hats, earmuffs, and gloves all fall under the necessary category for cold-weather vacations.



10. Select One or Two Going-Out Tops

Our first instinct is to pack all the pretty tops we think we’re going to wear but actually won’t. Save yourself the hassle by only packing one or two cute tops for photo ops or fancy restaurants.




11. Wear Your Heaviest Jacket Onto the Plane

This will make space for all the other clothes in your suitcase, and you won’t have to worry about feeling cold once you’re up in the air.



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