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This New Spring Trend Is So Sexy, Everyone on the Street’s Already Doing It

The sexiest runway trend to come out of Fashion Week is what we say “full exposure.” by next Spring, it won’t be surprising to see women wearing bras & bralettes with high-waisted denim, an unbuttoned blouse as added coverage. That is exactly what it looks like lingerie as outerwear.

While some designers make the style emerge polished with three-piece coordinated sets, the women on the street are just getting began. Many girls are undoing their blazers completely, while others are starting with just a hint of underwire. Here, we rounded up 10 ways to be daring about your bra along with plenty of inspired shopping to boost your confidence. Consider this the alternative to going braless.


1. Start Off by showing the inner V of Your Bra With an Unbuttoned Blouse



2. Bare Even More of Your Lingerie With a Blazer



3. Try It with a See-Through Mesh Tee on Top



4. Make It Athletic-inspired With a Hot Lined Sports Bra



5. Reveal Your Lacy Bralette in an Undone Canadian Tuxedo



6. Find a Super strappy Style and Layer With a Slinky Dress That’s Got a Plunging Neckline



7. Let Your Jacket Completely Fall Off Your Shoulders



8. Create a Coordinated Look Along Two Silky Tones



9. Forget the Tee and Throw On Your Open-Front Cardigan



10. Play Up the Structure With a Shapely Bra



Image Source – Popsugar

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