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10 Ways to Pack Less and Layer More For a Flight

Your vacation plans are set, however, you’ve been putting off packing. How the heck are you going to fit all the outfits you want to bring your suitcase? Don’t you fret — the fashion bloggers have a quick tip we’re picking up on. Since these girls are always traveling, they need to find a way to create stylish looks with the bare essentials and still tote along their chunky booties that take up a room.

The answer comes by way of layering. First, set aside the most voluminous pieces you want to bring, then find a way to work them into your travel outfit. Read on to look how it’s done, then shop for the basics you might be missing. Wait — were you still worried about what to wear on the plane? Consider that problem solved.


1. Pack Your Long Black Cardigan That Goes With Everything



2. Work Comfortable Accessories on the Flight — Like a Bandana and Belt



3. Put On a Printed Coat That Won’t Clash but Rather Play up All Your Outfits



4. Throw On That Go-To Moto Jacket Just in Case



5. Wear Your Leather Booties to the Airport — They Take Up Too Much Space in Your Case



6. Wear the Fancy Top That Might Wrinkle in Your Bag to Avoid Ironing It Later



7. Strap On Your Favorite Designer Purse and Carry a Matching Duffle



8. Work Cozy Separates Like a Maxi and Tee, and Tote Your Favorite Blazer



9. Try Layering up in 1 Shade, Then Packing Your Colors — It’ll Help You Pack Faster



10. Even in the Spring and Summer, Throw On Your Lightweight Scarves and Jackets Ahead of a Breezy Night



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